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developing market-based solutions for water risks

PyTerra is developing an environmental risk exchange – a blockchain-based platform where organisations can create customized market places for monetizing and managing water risks

“Climate change is expected to both increase rainfall in winter and decrease it in summer; action is needed now to make communities resilient for the future, rather than waiting until the situation gets worse”

National Infrastructure Commission, 2018

The water sector is siloed, risk-averse and short of funding, where the current approach is too piecemeal and too reactive

It is unfit to deliver all of the Government’s targets and society’s needs

… a new approach is needed

Our Solution

PyTerra is a B2B blockchain-based platform for creating customizable local water risk markets

By monetizing water risks, they can be more effectively and more efficiently managed

Business and local government entities set up their own markets to fund, finance and resolve risks which they and their stakeholders are facing

Distributed risks are matched with distributed solutions within and across markets

Key stakeholders can act as system operators within markets which can be set up to reflect critical regulatory requirements

Risk portfolios are strategically placed within stakeholder networks in order to mobilise catchment resources

PyTerra is using leading edge technologies to deliver its platform:
geospatial analytics | artificial intelligence | smart contracts | blockchain