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environmental collaboration in a networked world

Water is our lifeblood, but it also creates one of the world’s biggest conflicts

PyTerra is developing an Exchange where conflicting interests between human needs, water resources and the environment can be aligned

The PyTerra Exchange is a business-to-business platform which generates opportunities for improving urban water resilience. It effectively crowdsources water challenges. But it does this within a financial framework where funding, investment and insurance are used to incentivise collaboration and develop water value chains. The platform supports transactions across these chains.

PyTerra Exchange – a summary in 30 seconds

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Applications on the PyTerra Exchange

PyTerra collaboration app – bringing together market sponsors, stakeholders, funders & investors, solution providers & suppliers

Collaboration: Buyers and sellers collaborate within market places set up by clients. Innovative partnerships can be created to enhance those already established within communities. But all relationships are underpinned by economic drivers to ensure solutions are both robustly funded and can generate suitable levels of benefits.

Discovery: Commerical opportunities are automatically identified using AI-based ‘discovery’ tools. These are then ‘pushed’ to the most suitable market players so that they can monetise the opportunities and enhance urban water resilience.

Funding: Water solution beneficiaries are a source of funding, e.g. for ‘Partnership Funding’ when matching flood grants. The key to unlocking this source needs to use economic incentives. The Exchange uses its network management tools to achieve this, connecting: projects – solution providers – beneficiaries – stakeholders – incentives.

Value chain management: New and existing value chains can be mapped onto the Exchange and then expanded by giving it access to local markets. Bidding and ‘smart contract’ making tools are available.

Interactive suppliers directory: Existing and potential water service suppliers can form strategic partnerships, as well as developing solutions to specific local issues, which they can showcase and monetise.

The PyTerra Concept

Organisations across communities are disassociated in their power to act against water risks 

Creating network connections, based on their links to each local water risk, generates opportunities to collaborate

From these networks, organisations coalesce around specific water challenges to create value chains which deliver solutions

These value chains are markets where players engage and transact with each other and with financial services supplied by third party providers