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empowering collaboration in a networked world

Water is our lifeblood, but it also creates one of the world’s biggest challenges

PyTerra is developing an Exchange where environmental challenges such as water can be addressed through the management of collaboration networks driven by supply chains

The PyTerra Exchange is an online platform to help supply chains discover and access collaboration networks in order to innovate in the pursuit of solutions to complex, distributed environmental challenges. Collaboration accelerates innovation, uncovers hidden business opportunities, reduces costs and enhances synergies across a supplier’s own network.

PyTerra Exchange – a summary in 30 seconds


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Features of the PyTerra Exchange

  • Customers can define their challenge with a few words to initiate their own collaboration network
  • The Exchange then uses contact lists provided by the customer as well as third party data sets to build bespoke collaboration networks for each customer around a specific challenge
  • Customers can publish a request for others with a similar challenge to undertake a joint initiative
  • Each initiative is set within a digital marketplace where the customer sets the rules; multiple marketplaces can be linked, yet still retain the integrity of their own rules
  • Each marketplace has access to a range of SaaS tools to support collaboration workflows
  • Each marketplace is connected to third party digital services, especially financial and insurance services
  • As soon as two parties engage, they automatically have a contract allocated to them; this contract then evolves as their relationship develops

The PyTerra Concept

Traditional supply chains are finding it difficult to address complex, distributed environmental challenges on their own

Creating network connections, based on existing and new network links, generates opportunities to collaborate

A single supplier within a supply chain can send a query through to its collaboration network in order to find those organisations best placed to assist in addressing a particular challenge