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  • PyTerra provides consultancy services
  • PyTerra develops trading and collaboration plans which will establish upstream distributed solutions that can address downstream water issues
  • Services are provided either directly by PyTerra or indirectly by its associates in agreement with the client
  • Services are focused on unlocking the value from the downstream value chain within a catchment or sub-catchment – whether rural or urban
  • Valuations will be made on the value of the downstream benefits created
  • A major part of PyTerra’s work is network analysis – using data to understand the relationships between potential service providers and downstream impacts, as well as the relationship between potential funding mechanisms and services
  • This work relies on large amounts of data and PyTerra will work with the client and local stakeholders to collect it
  • Consultation is a key activity, both with the client, local stakeholders and local regulators; this will be undertaken on the basis of an agreed engagement plan

We ensure our work is environmentally sustainable