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incentivising collaboration in a networked world

PyTerra is an exchange platform that uses incentives to resolve crucial environmental and social problems related to energy consumption. The blockchain assisted platform drives revenues by generating digital coupons to incentivise local stakeholders such as energy distributors, local government, housing associations, retailers, or property owners to pump-prime sustainable and affordable solutions. Stakeholders use the platform to turn their pooled incentives into digital ESG impact coupons, which are distributed through auctions to agents such as energy suppliers or grocery retailers to initiate affordable low-carbon projects by their customers. No other platform drives value across communities in this way.

By activating collaborative networks of stakeholders through its programme, PyTerra creates very favourable conditions for those stakeholders to scale adoption of the platform at national and then international levels. The need for PyTerra is now critical, especially at this difficult time of pandemic, as it connects and empowers social capital across communities in the transition toward sustainability, whilst helping local economies both create jobs and make energy more accessible and more affordable.